This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the focus for this week is anxiety. The aim is for people to share their own experiences and ways of coping to help other people.

At Bee-Herd, we actively support each other’s mental health with continued support, workshops designed for resilience and that have practical tools and tips to help our staff and wider colleagues and clients feel supported.

As the purpose is sharing experiences, we are looking at a personal story from one of our own staff members:

🌟💚 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the focus of this year’s campaign is anxiety. It’s crucial for us to come together, share our experiences, and offer coping strategies to support one another.

At Bee-Herd, we prioritize the mental health of our team members by providing continuous support and workshops designed to build resilience. We believe in equipping our staff, colleagues, and clients with practical tools and tips to foster a supportive environment.

🌻 Personal Story:

“I’ve battled anxiety for over a decade, starting with PTSD and later developing a generalized anxiety disorder. For most of this journey, I’ve relied on medication, occasionally taking breaks but always returning when needed. Anxiety doesn’t always have a clear trigger; it can hit me unexpectedly, even during mundane tasks like washing dishes. Once it begins, it can linger for days or even weeks, causing overwhelming panic.

Despite my struggles, many wouldn’t guess that I battle anxiety. I often come across as loud, confident, and the life of the party. However, I quickly learned that being honest about my anxiety made it easier to navigate episodes and periods of difficulty. Anxiety isn’t just about panic attacks; it can manifest as an inability to focus, procrastination, fear of leaving home, or even avoidance of sleep. These challenges can affect everyday activities with loved ones.”

💪 Coping Mechanisms:

“Over the years, I’ve developed coping mechanisms with the support of family and friends. Here are my top 10 tips for managing anxiety:

    1. Don’t give it power: When intrusive thoughts trigger anxiety, find someone or something to distract you quickly. Shifting your focus can help diminish its grip.
    2. Take your meds: Medication has been vital for me, but it’s a personal choice. Find what works best for you.
    3. Embrace distraction tools: Engage in activities that take your mind to a different place. Games, books, podcasts, and walks with chats along the way can offer solace.
    4. Enjoy a comforting cuppa: There’s something about a warm drink that has a calming effect.
    5. Embrace exercise: Regular physical activity releases endorphins and helps regulate adrenaline levels associated with anxiety.
    6. Avoid excessive Googling: Dr. Google often leads to unnecessary worry. Trust your healthcare providers instead.
    7. Nourish your body: Research suggests a connection between gut health and mental well-being. Focus on a nutritious diet, probiotics, and daily vitamins.
    8. Talk it out: Even if you’re not ready to discuss anxiety directly, connecting with a friend and having casual conversations can provide comfort.
    9. Seek understanding: Let those close to you know your signs and symptoms. Their support can make a world of difference.
    10. Ride the wave: Anxiety comes and goes like a wave. Instead of fighting it, learn to ride it out, knowing that calmness lies on the other side.”


If you are struggling with Anxiety, there are lots of different support systems out there designed to support you.
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